England and Wales

Under the patronage of St. Thomas of Canterbury

In 1835, 170 years ago, three foreign priests landed at Tilbury on 16th June: a young Italian Dr. Luigi Gentili, and two Frenchmen, Frs Anthony Rey and Emilius Belisy.

These men were Rosminian Fathers. They were the pioneer members of the Institute of Charity, only founded in 1828 by the saintly, noble Roveretan philosopher, Fr Antonio Rosmini.

Within a decade they were largely to transform the shy face of English Catholicism such as was emerging after the Catholic Emancipation of 1829.

These priests were to give it a bolder, more dramatic, dynamic and devotional aspect.

The society, consisting of both priests and brothers, is dediacted to universal charity, and so is open, under Providence, to any work in the service of the Church.

At the present time the brethren of England & Wales are mainly occupied with parish work in the Midlands and South Wales, but  members also work in New Zealand and Italy

Antonio Rosmini has recently been beatified
Charity Fulfils the Law

Provincial Superior Fr. Chris Fuse
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