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  Full vindication

 'The works of Rosmini are worthy of acclamation not prohibition'


In March 1854 the awaited results were made public. One of the examiners stated, “the works of Rosmini are worthy of acclamation not prohibition.” The other, after having compared Rosminian thinking with that of major theologians, considered it an original development of Catholic dogma and explained “with perspicacious intelligence, profound views, honesty, a truly extraordinary openness of mind…I have not found any dangerous and blameworthy propositions or errors against the faith.”

During the final sitting, presided over by Pius IX himself, the sentence was a full acquittal of Rosmini’s works, with the prohibition of subsequently renewing the accusations. At the end the Pope exclaimed: “God be praised, who sends from time to time, these men for the good of his Church.” Don Antonio, thanking God for this outcome, seemed to live in the regions of the absolute, beyond these complicated human vicissitudes.