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Biographical Summary

1797   24 March Antonio Rosmini Serbati born at Rovereto of Modesto and Giovanna dei Conti  Formenti from Biacesa near Lake Garda
           25 March He was baptized on the feast of the Annunciation by the angel to the Virgin Mary
1804–1808  Went to the grammar school in Rovereto
1808–1812  Latin Studies
1812–1814  Went to secondary school in Rovereto. His Personal Diary dates back to this time in which  he wrote his first notes which mention his vocation to follow the Lord more closely.
1814–1818  Two years of private study of philosophy, mathematics and physics under the guidance of  the Roveretan priest Pietro Orsi
1816   On 22 November Rosmini enrolled in the University of Padua for theological studies; during  lectures in Canon Law he got to know and became friends with Nicoḷ Tommaseo
1821   21 April, ordained priest.
1823   September he gave the Panegyric on the Holy and Glorious Memory of Pius VII in the church     of  San Marco in Rovereto
1826   He published the Essay on Divine Providence on the government of temporal good and evil
1826   March His stay in Milan where he made friends with Count Giacomo Mellerio and Alessandro  Manzoni
1828   20 February Antonio Rosmini began Lent in the solitude of Monte Calvario di Domodossola and  wrote the Constitutions of the Institute of Charity
1829   15 May He was received in audience by Pope Pius VIII, who confirmed his twofold mission of  writing books and as founder
1830   He published his Maxims of Christian Perfection in Rome
1832–1833   He wrote Five Wounds of Holy Church (published in 1846)
1838   20 December Pope Gregory XVI approved the Rule of the Institute of Charity
1839   He wrote the Philosophy of Politics
1839   He published the Treatise on Moral Conscience which aroused a severe polemical reaction with  certain Jesuits
1841–1845   He drew up the Philosophy of Right
1843   Gregory XVI intervened imposing the Decree of Silence on both parties
1845   He published the Theodicy
1846   He published his work On the Five Wounds of Holy Church. Dedicated to the Catholic Clergy
1848   He wrote The Plans of the Constitution for the Papal State
1848   August The Pope welcomed Rosmini amicably in Rome and invited him to prepare for the  Cardinalate in December
 November He accompanied the Pope in his flight and the exile of the Pope in Gaeta
1849   April Pius IX exhorted Rosmini to reflect on his works “in order to modify, correct, or retract  them”
1849   June The little works On the Five Wounds of Holy Church and The Civil Constitution according to  Social Justice were put on the Index on 6 June
1850   April The Memoriale was sent to the Pope, with its incriminating subjects, signed by about twenty bishops
1851 The Pope subjected all the remaining works of Rosmini to examination by the Congregation of the Index
1854   3 July Sentence of full acquittal given by the General Congregation of the Index
1855   1 July Antonio Rosmini passed away in the early hours of the day dedicated to the Most Precious  Blood, to which he was very devoted