General and Official Documentation

Documents relating to the cause of Antonio Rosmini

Ratio Formationis for the Institute of Charity

Synopsis of the Maxims of Christian Perfection 
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Anthony Dewhirst

Augustine, Ignatius and Rosmini: An Introduction

Ignatius and Antonio Rosmini

The Rosminian Constitutions and the Constitutions of St Ignatius

The Rules of the Society of Jesus and the Institute of Charity

Some Topics of Rosminian Theology

Rosmini’s Teaching on Ethics

A Review of Rosminian Literature in English
Rosmini's Teaching on Indifference

Rosmini’s Teaching on Justice

Rosmini’s Theory of Knowledge

Translated Papers

(translations by Anthony Dewhirst)

Rosmini’s Contribution to the Definition of the Immaculate Conception -Vito Nardin

The Crtical Edition of the Works of Rosmini - Umberto Muratore

A Sketch of the Intellectual Work of Remo Bessero Belti - Domenico Mariani

Rosmini and Augustine - Pier Paolo Ottonello

Translated Papers

(translations by Anthony Dewhirst)

The Real Rosmini - A Man of Dialogue - Nave

A Bishop’s Reaction to reading the "Five Wounds of the Church" - Martini

No Longer a Troublesome Prophet  - Riva

Riva Appreciations   -Bertani - Maritati/Condo

Rosmini, a Prophet for the third Millennium?  - Peter-Hans Kolvenbach S.J.

Clemente Emilio Riva (1922-1999) - Domenico Mariani

Monsignor Lorenzo Gastaldi - (1815-1883) - Domenico Mariani

Monsignor Francisco Cardozo Ayres - (1821-1870)  -  Domenico Mariani

Father Giambattista Zantedeschii - Domenico Mariani

Father Giovanni Gaddo  - Domenico Mariani

Father Giuseppe Bozzetti - Domenico Mariani

Father Bernardino Balsari Balsari  - Domenico Mariani

A Pioneer from Biella in USA (Fr. Joseph Costa) - Domenico Mariani



Monsignor Eugene Arthurs (1916&endash;1978) - Domenico Mariani

(Translated by Christopher Fuse)


Other Documentation 

The Story of Monte Calvario - J. Anthony Dewhirst

A Short History of the Papacy 1760 - 1850 - Nigel Cave

A Background to Italy in the Time of Rosmini 1790 - 185 - Nigel Cave

Understanding the Signs of the New Times  - M. Hegarty
(compressed version below)

Necrology - (compressed version below)

Reflections on the Ascribed Members of the Institute - Hopes for the Future - J A Dewhirst

Works on and about Rosmini Listed  - J A Dewhirst

The Rosminan Sisters of Providence - Sr. Maria Bruna Ferretti1 - (Ed. J. A. D).

Reflections on the Feast of the Cell  (20th February) -  Msgr Charles E. Drennan


Documentation in Compressed (Zip) format :

Understanding the Signs of the New Times ( M. Hegarty) - MS Publisher

Necrology ) - Word format

Reflections on the Indissolubility of Marriage and Intolerable Marriage Situations
History and Present Teaching - J A Dewhirst Word format

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