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In his apostolic letter, Rosarium Virginis Mariae, Pope John Paul II writes: "The prayer of the Church is sustained by the prayer of Mary ... she intercedes for us before the Father who filled her with grace and before the Son born of her womb, praying with us and for us".


Mary, Full of Grace is a musical offering to Our Blessed Lady, Mother of God and Mother of the Church. Her power of intercession is reflected in the liturgical feasts which are celebrated throughout the year. Psalm settings and Gospel greetings for fifteen of the main feasts in honour of Our Lady are here brought together.


This collection will be welcomed especially by those churches and religious communities dedicated to Our Lady. Music has been included for the feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians and for the solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord.


Alternative settings have been provided for most of the psalms and there are several settings of the Magnificat. These range from a simple congregational hymn to a variety of psalm tone and through - composed settings as well as a more ambitious arrangement for choir and people in the style of a verse anthem. There is also also a selection of Gospel Greetings.




Guitar chords and melody lines may be copied for use on service sheets.




Heart and Voice Publications 2002 ISMN M 9002052 0 9 96 pages 8.50.




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