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With Heart and Voice is a unique collection of musical settings for the complete three year liturgical cycle; it has been available since 1990. Since the first book appeared in 1988, these settings, both through- composed and psalm tones, are still used in many parishes in the U.K. and overseas.


With Heart and Voice differs from other collections of psalm-settings because they do not alter the text of the lectionary in any way; there is no paraphrasing, repetition or versification of the sacred text. They are also convenient to use, with the words and music for each day's Liturgy of the Word clearly laid out on a two page spread - good news for singers and accompanists alike. This is attractive music that caters realistically for the average parish music group - often with limited rehearsal time, fluctuating attendance and modest vocal resources. The congregational responses are tuneful and may usually be remembered after a single hearing.





The accompaniment too will rarely stretch even the most reluctant of organists. All the music can be played quite adequately on one manual. The registration should be kept light and clear throughout; the music needs to flow without ever rushing the sacred text. Time signatures should be interpreted to allow sufficient flexibility needed by the singer(s) in order to shape the musical phrase. The accompaniment should support and never dominate the singing. It is the Word of God that matters.


The through-composed psalm settings are most effective when led by a single cantor, preferably from the sanctuary facing the people. The basic psalm tones work well when led by a small group.



With Heart and Voice contains music of charming simplicity, of reflective calm, of joyful exultation and much indeed of considerable beauty. The simple dignity of the melodies - whether quasi modal or more romantic in style (with an occasional hint of Celtic lyricism) - has an instant appeal which often makes listeners smile - very useful on a damp Sunday morning!


With Heart and Voice is also an ideal source when choosing a psalm for a particular occasion - for advent and Lenten penitential services, or maybe a wedding or harvest thanksgiving.



Heart & Voice Publications 1988-1990

Year A 180 pages 8.95 Year B 180 pages 8.95 Year C 172 pages 8.95 - out of print




A single volume edition, with separate books for organ/ accompanist and singers, with improved layout and added guitar chords, is in preparation.


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