The Novitiate in Italy
Training for the life of a Rosminian

POSTULANCY : The aim of this formative time is to teach the postulants about Christian perfection, about the nature of the religious life in general, and in particular about life in the Institute of Charity. At the end of the postulancy, the candidate, fully aware of what the novitiate entails, makes a written request for admission to it.
The postulancy takes place, at least partly, in one of the Rosminian houses

The Novitiate in Tanzania

The Novitiate in India

THE NOVITIATE :, Lasts two years. The first year is the 'canonical' formation year with a predominantly spiritual emphasis, and this is accompanied, in the second year by further apostolic and cultural formation. In this second year, courses of study may also be arranged, taking account of the aptitude and maturity of the individual.
This is passed in the novitiate house of the region